At Wedding DJs Vancouver we understand that nothing is more important to you than a perfect wedding!

We are so confidant in what we offer and the show we put on, that we offer a 100% money back guarantee
(see contract for full details)

Please do your research before hiring any DJ!~

You might ask us? "why do you want us to look around?"

1.) It is not about us, it is ALL ABOUT YOU and we want to EARN your business AFTER YOU have looked at ALL your options.

2.) We don't want you to end up with what our industry has coined a "Craigslist DJ" 

CRAIGSLIST DJ: Someone who does not own a DJ company, but rather an individual who downloaded poor quality music for free off (YouTube / Itunes / Bit Torrent) and now thinks he/she is a DJ with his/her limited music selection. He/she generally specializes in only one type of genre & thinks he is the spot light of your wedding. This DJ would rent or borrow equipment because he does not own any actual quality DJ equipment and doesn't know the first thing about how the flow of weddings go.

Please DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH on what has happened when couples decided to hire non professionals at their wedding. 

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If you find any package they offer within $100 less than ours, we will match and beat it by another $100.

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It was a pleasure working with you on your wedding! We appreciate your business and we're eager to share your experience with engaged couples who are searching for our services. If you have a few moments, can you provide a review of your experiences with us? Please jot down any of your thoughts in the box below. Thank you, in advance, for your feedback!

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It's Wedding Season -

Bachelorette / Stagette party idea!!! - Hire a Butler

at and

Wedding Djs Vancouver will host the music at this fun pre wedding party.


Vancouver Wedding Dj Butlers
Wedding Djs Vancouver Tyrone Butler
Wedding Djs Vancouver Emilio Butler

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We are confident that after you spend just a few minutes on a FREE CONSULTATION with us, you'll make an educated decision and choose Wedding Djs Vancouver as your Dj provider.

At Wedding Djs Vancouver Entertainment, our DJ's are "Personality DJ's". This means that they not only play great music (appropriate for your event), but they have the personality to emcee your event, and make sure everything runs smoothly so YOU can relax and have fun!

Our meticulous pre-planning and attention to detail will insure that your event runs smoothly, without those boring lulls. As your reception begins, your family and guests are welcomed as they await your arrival. We'll make any appropriate announcements (discussed ahead of time). Then, your DJ will be standing by, ready to announce you and your spouse when you arrive. While your guests dine, we play your choice of music (Our "Special Jazz and Mingle Music" is a big hit!). As the evening continues, you and your guests are guided through all your special dances and events. The DJ will encourage dancing and fun (without being obnoxious!) Our goal is to make your reception the most memorable and enjoyable event your guests have ever attended!

During Our Consultation we go over a Planning System, so that the flow of your reception "the special songs you’d like to hear, and your reception events such as the cake cutting, toasts, garter and bouquet tosses, are presented exactly how you like". Of course we utilize a "Must Play" list, and also a "Do Not Play" list! We offer a copy of this system to your venue manager, caterer, photographer, videographer, and other vendors to ensure that everyone is working together.

The bottom line is that when you Wedding Djs Vancouver Entertainment with your event, you can be assured that we are the most professional and reliable DJ company in Vancouver!

Check out our Package Page for pricing and package information or call us at 604-781-0479 or fill out the Date Reservation Form to Check Availability and we'll get in contact with you within 1-2 business days!